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Why a Boat Life Boat Club Membership?

At two great marina locations spanning greater Sydney, Boatlife Boat Club maintains a fleet of comfortable, modern vessels that is ready for members to step onto, year-round, at a moment’s notice.

Boatlife Boat Club offers members the fun and enjoyment of boat ownership with none of the hassle. Your choice of a Boatlife 5 metre or Boatlife 6 metre vessel awaits you, with the equipment you need for safe, fun boating adventures.

When you return the boat to its marina berth after each outing, you simply step off with what you  took on board. While we trust that members will leave their boat neat and tidy and free from rubbish, they need not join boat owners in tedious chores such as hauling boats onto trailers and scrubbing and hosing their vessels clean. Those chores are left to Boatlife who ensure that each boat is ready for its next outing.

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