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A classic taken to the next level, for 2023 we tweaked the Jobe Prolix Wakeboard to a whole new level. Now you might know the Prolix Wakeboard for a few years now but 2023 saw a radical change. This Intermediate board has always been perfect for learning tricks behind the boat but offering a forgiving touch. And this year, we added our brand-new ‘Indent Technology” to the range. This laser cut-out sheds weight of the board and increases its stiffness in the process. Resulting in a board which is direct, lightweight but still has that forgiving feel which the intermediate boat rider loves!

Jobe Prolix Wakeboard

SKU: 272523003
    • Hybrid rocker
    • 4 removable nylon fins
    • Channels
    • H.I.T. -base
    • High press core
    • Made with 100% solar power
    • Rolled edge for playfullness
    • Tri- Tech fiberglass
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